Versatile Energy Services Ltd is an Oilfield Service Company offering innovative equipment and solutions to the U.S. and Canadian Energy Sectors.

We strive to be the company of choice through commitment to safety and exceptional service to our customers.  This will be achieved through the experience, professionalism and quality of our people.

Through the experience of our management and operational staff we are responding to our customer requirements and are committed to resolve them by:

  • Providing competent and in-house trained crews and offering above average compensation and benefits to these Versatile Energy Services team players in our businesses.
  • Fabricating new, government approved, portable equipment that provides accurate and timely data.
  • Providing calibration equipment and training to our staff to ensure the data is reliable.
  • Providing detailed standard operating procedures that surpass all industry recommended practices and are updated on a regular basis.

Through our combined years of experience in the Production Testing, Managed Pressure Drilling and Rental Equipment market, we have pooled our knowledge of our people and have developed our equipment to offer many advantages over the competition.

The company specializes in frac flow backs, coil clean outs, inline testing, and well clean up procedures. With pressure vessels from 25 bbls to 250 bbls liquid capacities, pressure ratings from 200 psi to 5,000 psi and a variety of auxiliary equipment rated to 15,000 psi, the company is versatile enough to meet all industry requirements.

Versatile Energy Services is consistently setting industry standards for technology and safety improvements.  Our team prides itself on new and safe alternatives, for the safe and environmentally friendly alternatives for controlling the process of flowing back oil and gas wells.  At Versatile Energy, we strongly believe our superior services give our customers’ completion programs the best chance for total success.

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