Versatile Energy Services is committed to reducing waste and protecting our environment.

Versatile Energy Services water filtration packages have proven that fluids can be recycled and reused many times and have reduced the amount of fuel and road traffic associated with logistics which significantly lowers our carbon footprint.

Versatile Energy Services patented Screen Out Packages (SOP’s) have also proven to be very effective in relieving and capturing abrasive cutting sand and fluids during frac operations. This not only reduces operating time during a frac, but it also contains all contaminants for disposal with zero spills.



Versatile Energy Services patented flare stack design has increased the burn efficiency which can improve air quality compared to other designs that clearly produce visual smoke trails.

Also, Versatile Energy Services is proud to support our community and being involved in such events as:

  • Minor sports of all seasons
  • 4-H Club
  • Numerous charities through out Alberta such as Animal Welfare, Education, Environment, Food Banks, Health and Social Services.

For more information, please contact us.

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